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Bitcoin: More Covert than it Looks

There’s been a lot of discussion in the past few weeks about how anonymous Bitcoin actually is. If you’re new to Bitcoin, you can check my short introduction to the cryptocurrency over at Ars Technica. Bitcoin is often incorrectly touted … Continue reading

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Do Not Track means Do Not Track

I’ve been giving some thought to proposed “Do Not Track” legislation. The proposals, currently being considered by the FTC and the legislature, seek to protect user privacy by empowering us to tell online services not to track us in a … Continue reading

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Twitter for Grown-Ups

Derek Powazek has some pretty good advice on how to use Twitter like a reasonable person. Gina Trapani likes to follow everyone important (to be polite), but only actually reads tweets from a scant 9% of those people who are … Continue reading

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Real Cybersecurity Begins at Home

The Tech Liberation Front has a great article rejecting some of the thoughtless panic around the way that Google’s streetview cars have been mapping wifi networks. One of their subtitles really jumped out at me: Real Cyber Security Begins at … Continue reading

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Before the Law

This essay is a response to Franz Kafka’s parable Before the Law. It was originally assigned as part of POL 318: Law and Society, taught by Sarah Staszak in the Spring 2010 semester at Princeton University. As Derrida has commented, … Continue reading

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Responses to Lichtman on Copyright

In his paper, Copyright as Innovation Policy, Douglas Lichtman makes several bold assertions about the purpose, function and intent of copyright law, both generally, and with specific reference to the fair use doctrine. These claims are presented as obviously true … Continue reading

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