Overheard Confabulation

Nate will make a great soldier, possibly the best we’ve ever seen. Four-star general Nathan Plough’s 2032 stand against the Pan-Asian Alliance’s death-drones will give the president just enough time to escape before Washington DC is wiped off the map. Of course, in an ironic twist of fate, his name will go down in infamy when the ESS Plough, flagship of the United Earth Protectorate Fleet, is captained by the traitor Elinor McCarthy, and sides with the Tle’k-nar armada at the second battle of Titan, plunging the human race into a century of grueling war.


About flamsmark

I do privacy at Mozilla. Years of security have left me incurably paranoid. Tech, policy, security, privacy, & anonymity are good. Open is better. GPG: 80AF07D3
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