Twitter for Grown-Ups

Derek Powazek has some pretty good advice on how to use Twitter like a reasonable person. Gina Trapani likes to follow everyone important (to be polite), but only actually reads tweets from a scant 9% of those people who are actually interesting.

I’ve tried this method before, but I don’t like it. It’s a hassle to maintain, and it just doesn’t feel “right”. The bottom line is that Twitter isn’t Facebook. Don’t follow people on Twitter because they’re your friends; follow them because they say things that interest you. If you don’t want to read what they’re saying, don’t follow them. If I’m following you on twitter it’s because I enjoy your posts; that’s it.


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I do privacy at Mozilla. Years of security have left me incurably paranoid. Tech, policy, security, privacy, & anonymity are good. Open is better. GPG: 80AF07D3
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