Real Cybersecurity Begins at Home

Loose Tweets Sink Fleets by Brian Lane Winfied on Flickr

The Tech Liberation Front has a great article rejecting some of the thoughtless panic around the way that Google’s streetview cars have been mapping wifi networks. One of their subtitles really jumped out at me:

Real Cyber Security Begins at Home

This totally captures my thoughts on the matter. If you’re going to be transmitting over the air in plaintext, and broadcasting into a public place, you should be neither surprised nor appalled if (or when) someone else picks up that communication, whether deliberately, or by accident. Don’t whine about it: take affirmative steps to protect yourself.

However, what I really want to see are some posters in the style of WWII propaganda:

  • Cybersecurity Begins at Home: Secure your Wifi
  • Cybersecurity Begins at Home: Use HTTPs on the Web
  • Cybersecurity Begins at Home: Encrypt your Hard-Drive

Sounds like a good project for the EFF.


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I do privacy at Mozilla. Years of security have left me incurably paranoid. Tech, policy, security, privacy, & anonymity are good. Open is better. GPG: 80AF07D3
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