Trans-Human Therapy

From mammoths with haemoglobin that still works when cold, to the HLA B57 gene which combats HIV, preventing AIDS, we seem to be quite good at discovering advantageous genetic adaptations. Some of these adaptations give their bearers (whether individuals or species) veritable superpowers. It even seems that strict adherence to the light side or the dark side can grant super-strength.

This may make me sound like Sylar, but I want to be able to obtain these superpowers. I’m not talking about crazy abilities like invisibility, telekinesis, or growing a second head. I want retroviral therapies which improve my genome by adding in desirable genes and proteins that we’ve discovered elsewhere.

This should not be science fiction. Trans-human advances should be available today.


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I do privacy at Mozilla. Years of security have left me incurably paranoid. Tech, policy, security, privacy, & anonymity are good. Open is better. GPG: 80AF07D3
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