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Pokemon, get a new paradigm

Zenkaikon by Anna Fischer on Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 What must, by now, be the hundredth generation of of Nintendo’s highly successful Pokemon franchise is currently in the hands of enraptured kids and obsessive-compulsives everywhere. Allaying our fears that … Continue reading

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Ubisoft’s DRM Failure

The debate between proponents and opponents of DRM is not a new one. DRM advocates want to protect their product from piracy. Piracy may be a legitimate concern, however, DRM is not a legitimate solution. This is mainly because DRM … Continue reading

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Why no SSL?

This week, I’d like to start a short series on the social failures of good security on the web, focusing on the disuse of HTTPs, and the absence of good (or – at least – best practice) authentication on the … Continue reading

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HTTPs Actually Doesn’t Suck

Locking Nothing by Darwin Bell on Flickr Two weeks ago, in a sentiment echoed far and wide on the interwebs, I talked about the human, and logistical difficulties associated with our hierarchical trust model for SSL certificate signing. This week, … Continue reading

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