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Abney Park

Abney Park performed live in NYC las night, and I had the lucky privilege of seeing their whole show. We were in the delightful Don Hill’s located at the corner of Greenwich and Spring Streets. The decoration for the Tim … Continue reading

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Bouldering Competition

The climbing team had our first competition today – a red point bouldering comp at the Delaware Rock Gym. We don’t have sponsorhip; the University doesn’t fund us. We’re just a group of passionate climbers who split gas money and … Continue reading

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Piracy Works

Another simple explanation of why piracy is so popular. Big media often complains that you can’t compete with free: you can, by offering a product experience that’s better and richer than that which pirates get for free. As long as … Continue reading

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Before the Law

This essay is a response to Franz Kafka’s parable Before the Law. It was originally assigned as part of POL 318: Law and Society, taught by Sarah Staszak in the Spring 2010 semester at Princeton University. As Derrida has commented, … Continue reading

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Cryptography and the Human Aspects

It’s a common conception within the cyber security community that in the security arms race, cryptography always wins. However, this position – while consistent with the state of the art of the technology – perhaps ignores some of the logistics … Continue reading

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Science Fiction and Fantasy as Genres

Science Fiction and Fantasy are two genres often differentiated by their settings: in a fantasy novel, the impossible occurs by magic, while sci-fi achieves the same through speculative technology. This may once have been the best way to identify and … Continue reading

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Responses to Lichtman on Copyright

In his paper, Copyright as Innovation Policy, Douglas Lichtman makes several bold assertions about the purpose, function and intent of copyright law, both generally, and with specific reference to the fair use doctrine. These claims are presented as obviously true … Continue reading

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